Rail Mat Project at Ridgeway

PJL Group recently completed the manufacture of 1,000 metres of dual rail mat to be installed into the East & West tipples underground at Ridgeway.


Winning this work was a terrific coup for PJL Group, as rail was an entirely new medium for us. Once again, showcasing PJL Group’s ability to quickly adapt to develop this “fit for purpose” solution for Cadia.

The rail mats are to be cast into the concrete slab for high traffic areas to reinforce the concrete slab, increasing its longevity and minimising any chance of wheel ruts. In other words, it is a massive cost saver!

PJL Group are now in the process of designing and manufacturing a transport jig to allow safe transport underground in packs of 5. We have also manufactured an ore pass rail mat at Cadia East to protect the parent structure of the ore pass.


PJL Group had the opportunity during this project to develop their own weld procedures, and were also able to pre-qualify their welders to that procedure. This also enabled PJL Group to further refine the process with the welding supervisor and non-destructing testing team to ensure the product met PJL Groups’ strict QA requirements.


Feedback from site has been excellent, in fact, PJL Group received another order for 75!