The PJL Group Cater for Multiple Re-Builds

In 2013, PJL Group re-built three loaders at the same time, across their Orange workshops. This was an outstanding achievement for the entire PJL Group team. The scale of work testing our team, and true to form, the positive response showcases our capability to accommodate multiple large scale works at the one time.


PJL Group re-built a LH517 loader from Newcrest’s Cadia East, and two 2900 loaders that Birla Nifty sent all the way from Western Australia! Worth of note is our relationship with Birla Nifty, who despite having access to suppliers in WA, chose to send their loaders almost 4,000km across Australia electing PJL Group as a preferred supplier based on the quality work we deliver and our ability to meet strict deadlines.


The LH517 loader from Cadia East came in for a 6000 hour Planned Component Replacement (PCR) over a duration of 3 weeks.


The 2900 loaders from Birla Nifty came in for an 8000 hour PCR over a period of 8 weeks.


PJL Group have separate purpose built sections within their workshops to accommodation different aspects of the re-build process. The machines are stripped and assessed in our mechanical disassembly bays and then sent to our Leewood Engineering facility to have all the sandblasting, machining, fabrication and painting completed. Here, all components are disassembled and assessed in the component disassembly bays, and rebuilt in our clean room.

Reassembly of the machine takes place in our rebuild reassembly room. The whole rebuild process is not dissimilar to a production line, with each production phase applying a strict quality assurance process.