PJL are proud distributors of Gulf Western Oil products throughout our NSW, QLD and WA facilities.

The role of a lubricant is critical in virtually all types of machinery applications as it influences the reliability, efficiency, and service life of the machinery. Gulf Western Oil uses the highest quality base oils and advanced additive packages to produce lubricants for heavy duty applications in construction, mining, oil and gas and agriculture. Using the latest in blending technology and the most advanced ISO-certified facility in the Southern Hemisphere, lubricants are computer-blended to precise specifications and with

exceptional consistency. Whether a blend is made to standard or custom specifications, their statistical process controls assure every batch meets rigid blend specifications.

Gulf Western prides itself in only using the highest quality base oils and the most technologically advanced API approved additive systems. Gulf Western hold OEM approvals for most manufacturers in todays market and continually monitor and update our products to suit new technologies.